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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by alwaysme View Post
This thread is for analyzing Snape and Dumbledore's relationship.

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6. Do you believe Dumbledore consciously saw the parallels between his own story and Snape's?
I have been waiting for a thread like this one for a long time. I don't have time to answer all of the questions now, but this one gets to a topic I would love to investigate with others. I think Dumbledore did see a parallel with repsect to Snape's emotions for Lily and Dumbledore's emotions for Grindelwald. But Dumbledore let go of his old feelings eventually to the point where they no longer ruled his decisions (and he fought Grindelwald) and I believe that he felt it was important for Snape to do the same. Imo, he really wanted Snape to make the right choices because he wholly and fully believed in them, not because Snape felt it was what Lily would want, or because he felt he should because of his regret for his part in her death, or because of his continued emotions for her. While those things motivating Snape were very helpful to him initially in keeping him away from Voldemort, I believe Dumbledore wanted Snape to let that go and be guided by his own moral sense of right and wrong; his own decisions to do the right thing - free of guilt, repentence, duty or anything else associated with Lily.

I believe that Dumbledore saw that Snape had not reached that point when they had the discussion where Snape issued the doe and declared he had done everything for Lily. I believe that is what supported Dumbledore's decision to allow Voldemort to believe that Snape was the master of the Elder Wand. The probability of that fact leading to Snape being confronted with a life and death situation was very great (and as we see, excatly what took place in canon). As such, it would leave Snape with a very personal decision to make that Dumbledore hoped would not be (at least completely) grounded in Snape's emotions for Lily. Snape did the right thing by not attempting defying Dumbledore and/or accusing Draco, etc, in order to keep Voldemort from killing him. But still a question remains.

Whether or not Snape's decision was completely, partially or not at all based on his emotion for Lily in the end (which is what Dumbledore wanted, imo) is still a question of debate, imo. On the one hand, bringing down Voldemort (Lily's killer) and doing the right thing (which Lily would want him to do) could point toward Lily being the motivation. On the other hand, one might suspect that a person faced with death would look at the situation in a more personal light, that is, how they peronally value the sacrifice to be made (weighing all of the relevant factors). I am still undecided as usual.

ETA. I selected other. I think that Snape and Dumbledore's relationship was more along the lines of Harry and Dumbledore's in the realm of manipulator and puppet (as JKR described it). I think Dumbledore had more affection for Harry overall based on his character and their relationship, but otherwise, I believe they were very similarly structured. But I believe that was the relationship Dumbledore had with most people other than his closest friends that we never met on page.


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