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Re: Snape and Dumbledore: Joint Character Analysis

Originally Posted by chparadise View Post
I think that Harry linked the two together in his mind. They were the two most influential adults in his quest to kill Voldemort, and they were the two bravest adults he knew (to him). Since he linked them together in that way, he linked them together in name.
I respect your opinion, but there is no canon that indicates Harry believe Dumbledore and Snape to be the bravest adults he knew. He told his son, while convincing him that Slytherin was a good house, that Snape was probably the bravest man he knew. Imo, the "probably" saved that statement from being a slap in the face to Dumbledore and all of the other very brave people he'd known (not to mention himself, but we have to figure his natural modesty would keep him from including himself ). No disrespect to Snape's brave acts, but considering Snape had fooled Voldemort into believing him loyal, one can only conclude that Harry felt those who faced Voldemort face on in defiance, like Dumbledore, the Order members not under cover, and others, were also among the bravest people he'd ever known - men and women alike.

I would agree, however, that Harry linked Dumbledore and Snape in his head, but not because of their bravery. They had colluded in the end in his betrayal and he'd forgiven them both for that (among a long list of other things), predominantly, imo, because in the end, what they both done toward the effort of bringing down Voldemort was honorable if one considers the big picture. I understood that Harry respected their efforts. By naming his son in such a manner, imo, he ends up looking like the most forgiving, compassionate, wise and selfless hero in literature to date.

A measure of Dumbledore's trust in Snape comes from Dumbledore entrusting Snape with the knowledge of Harrycrux. Not even Minerva, who was also incredibly trusted, was "gifted" with this knowledge. Snape may have been in a unique position to be able to alert Harry at the right time, but it still shows Dumbledore's trust in Snape.
I respect your view and I agree that Dumbledore trusted Snape, but not implicitly. Imo, there was no one else in canon who would have gone along with Dumbledore's plan knowing the truth. Snape's loathing for Harry made him the perfect choice in that regard because he would not waiver in his duty to tell Harry that he had to die like others might (or try to find some alternative plan). It is not that Snape wanted Harry to die, but imo, if you hate someone, it just isn't that big of a deal to you if they must - especially for a good purpose. Also Snape was the best person in Dumbledore's fold to know when Nagini would be encaged.


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