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Re: The Making of Harry Potter - Warner Bros Studio London

I'd like to share my booking experience with you guys. I did as a post on page one suggested, clicked the individual tickets icon and chose the date of my tour. From that point on, never again did Warner Bros. show me the date that I had picked! Even in the confirmation page, where normally you get all the data to check again before you actually buy something online, they only listed the kind of ticket and amount, no date. This indeed make me nervous because I felt I was buying something in the dark.

The order confirmation page didn't tell me for which date I had bought tickets either! When the e-mail arrived, minutes later, guess what? Wrong date!! I immediately wrote them back saying I had looked for this information during booking process and had I noticed it was incorrect, I could have set it right. But since that option wasn't given, I felt I wasn't to blame for buying tickets for the wrong date and that they should change that.

Only minutes later I recieved the correct confirmation and then an e-mail apologizing for the trouble with the system. They were great in setting things right and now I can be happy because I'm going!!

I hope they can fix the system, but until then, my advice is to be very careful when you click that calender, check the infor asap and complain immediately if there is something wrong!

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