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Re: Re-cast the movies!

Originally Posted by Peakes View Post
Hugo Weaving as Lucius.
I get Hugo Weaving and Jason Isaacs mixed up all the time; they look really similar to me. They're like the older version of Shia LeBouf and James McAvoy - they're like the exact same person

Originally Posted by Kings_Cross View Post
I agree with your first two picks, especially Matthew MacFayden, could totally see it!
I have a hard time seeing Matthew MacFayden as Lupin, personally. I'm forever tainted by his tepid Darcy and have a hard time separating him from Tom Quinn in Spooks/MI-5. (I haven't watched that show since its about 8th season and I just looked Matthew up on IMDB and saw he's in an episode in season 10!!! EEP!! I want Zoe to come back, though. I miss her.)

Tennant? A risky pick indeed...he doesn't seem to have enough of that cool guy/bad boy thing to pull off Sirius Black.
I agree, he's more of an adult Lupin for me, personally. The way Sirius is described in the books I always got the impression he was built more like a jock and was more "typically" good-looking and for me David Tennant is good-looking in a much quirkier way.

Okay, what about Rowan Atkinson as Peeves? Or Filch? Or ( ) Snape??

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