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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

Originally Posted by HRW View Post
Another thing that annoyed me a lot watching the movies was Hermione's characterization. She is portrayed as a sort of flawless person who knows everything there is to know. In the books JKR brings out her flaws as well but that's not at all done in the movies. The way she gets so many lines from different characters is annoying
That bothers me immensely as well. Hermione had some flaws in the books, in the movies, she was one complete MarySue. Part of this was, as you mention, giving her lines from other characters even things she had no way of knowing, and when the actual character was right there in the scene, too. One of the most annoying of all is giving her Ron's line from PoA "If you want to kill Harry, you'll have to kill all of us". Where the movie turned Ron into a blithering idiot in that scene. The destruction of the trio is one thing that I really hate about the movies. I absolutely love the interactions between the trio in the books. They really are a unit. However, in the movies, it's clearly a Harry-Hermione team with Ron tagging along. (Makes me love the scene JKR put in the DH book with the locket spewing forth a load of stuff that seems to fit movie-Ron, not book-Ron. And it's a nice dig at all the Ron-bashing which comes from the movies.)

To be honest, I felt that characterisation was a big problem with the movies.


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