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Re: A series completed: Analysis of all eight movies in one


My favourite films are still Half-Blood Prince and Prisoner of Azkaban. Out of these, I like Half-Blood Prince most, since I find is the richest both in terms of details and characterization and the one which was most coherently edited in terms of its style/artistic work and story elements. It is also the the adaptation that added most to my interpretation of the book.

Prisoner of Azkaban has a fine interpretation of the story, is often beautiful and has some exceptional approaches in terms of aestethic and visual work, as well as a great acting performance by Michael Gambon, but it´s a more uneven film than HBP.

Would I have had one director doing all the films?

No, I think any director would have lost their inspiration along the way if they had to do all the films. Also the the universe of the films change along the way, which requires directors with different approaches.
I´m a little curious, though, what Cuaron would have come up with if he had got the opportunity to direct another film.

Best cinematography

Both PoA, HBP and DH1 have truly wonderful cinematography, so it´s hard to choose. In the end I think the cinematography of DH1 is just a fraction better than the two others.

Best props and set design

Half-Blood Prince has the best set design, "Borgin and Burkes", "Room of Requirement", "Dumbledore´s office" to mention a few. Yates more quiet approach also allows the details of the props and the set design to shine

The coming of age of the trio is the part of the series which is best fleshed out, although several aspects are developed well throughout the series.


There are several outstanding acting performances, but out of these I think Alan Rickman as Snape has been the best. The way the films have been scripted he has been allowed a great range of scenes..
Michael Gambon isn´t far behind, though.

Overall verdict

Overall I´m very satisfied with the series, although I would have liked the directors to trim their films - only OoTP didn´t need any trimming at all - and dare to make more changes. When I look at all the films I think they´ve been able to retain and develop most of the significant elements of the story as well as having a good continuity throughout the series. When I see how consistent they´ve been in terms of developing the teenagers and which of the adult characters they´ve chosen to focus on, I think the continuity of the series has been remarkable.

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