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Re: Comments on: CoS Forums

Originally Posted by Morgoth
Staff can have whatever titles they would like. Though Auror is not allowed for reasons that will be made clear in a few months.
"Auror" just popped into my head. I was mainly thinking of the prefects because I wasn't sure if they picked their titles or not. I kind of figured the admins picked their own titles - some of them are really creative!

guad - that's a good point about stuff having to be changed all over the forum. See - this is why I visit forums and do not run one. Apparently, I would not be good at it.

Originally Posted by Snivelly
Since we're on this topic, is there anyway to view those old love threads? I'm just regretting that I wasn't a more active member before...but anyway, it'd be pretty interesting to read. I can't reach the archives either, for some strange reason.
You can find them in the History of Magic section - I think History of Magic Reference Books. The official title of the thread was "Who will fall in love with whom" but it was also known as the Love Thread. I will warn you though - lots and lots and lots of posts there.


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