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Hogwarts Magic Realm RPG

SITE NAME AND LINK : Hogwarts Magic Realm (
CATEGORY Fantasy School RPG (Post Potter)

The plot takes place after the second wizarding world and after the rebuilt of Hogwarts .These days two new powerful wizards named Anton Devon and Robert Seah decided to continue teaching young wizards the art of magic . Hogwarts is now safer than even but for how long ?

Hogwarts Magic Realm is a forum dedicated to every Harry Potter fan who enjoys role playing by post . Our main language is English and we accept all kind of users from all over the world as long as they can express themsleves in english .

We are trying to add as many rpg feature as possibles .For the moment we offer to our users the chance to role play as Students ,Professor, Hogwarts Staff ,Ministry of Magic Employee but soon we are going to open new applications .We also tried to included as many cannon places as possible

By doing your job you can win galleons (currecny used on our forum) which you can use to buy different wants and stuffs to make your character more powerful.

Hogwarts Magic Realm is a universe of all possibilities .We can't wait to see you on our forum

Other notes:We hope you enjoy the look of our forum and for any kind of suggestions we please you to send a PM.

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