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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Originally Posted by The_Green_Woods View Post
I think without Snape's request, Voldemort would have never asked Lily to step aside. That is the most important thing that happened in that room, because without Snape's request Voldemort would have killed Lily straight away, like he did James and then whatever Lily wished, it would have never translated into any kind of protection.
It's true that had Voldemort Stunned her or killed her right away Harry would have died. It's also true that had Lily acted differently, either by attempting to fight Voldemort like James did or by standing aside or running away, Harry would have died. It's not only Snape's actions which matter, which you seem to imply in your post. It's the actions of all three characters involved, including Voldemort himself who decided first to just ask her to step aside instead of forcing her, and then decided to kill her either way and thus enabling the magic to work. Of course Snape's request was important, that's rather obvious, IMO. But it's just one cog in the machinery, not the only important one.

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