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Re: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
Spoiler: show
I didn't think these were the same houses. Credence and Nagini go to the house of his old nanny, not to the bourgeois town home in Paris still occupied by Grindelwald when he brings in Queenie. And Grindelwald seems to be methodically leading Credence to entering the blue flame in the Lestrange crypt by sending him a note that leads him to his old nanny, having his lackey kill said nanny, meeting him on a rooftop telling him to go to the Lestrange cemetery (where he also leads Leta so that she can give her big reveal). I don't see where the Parisian family comes into his elaborate trap beyond their house serving as a Malfoy Manor for his time in Paris.
Spoiler: show
The way I recall it (haven't seen the film a 2nd time yet) -- Credence and Nagini visit his old nanny, and we see the murdered nanny after Credence & Nagini are no longer there. I still think that the people murdered in Grindelwald's upscale house are somehow connected, if only by way of information or distant relation. Otherwise they wouldn't have killed the toddler as well. I think he was removing any possible genetic proof. If there were only adults there I wouldn't have given it another thought, but the toddler is an oddity, particularly because Grindy didn't do the deed but clearly directed that it should be done. Why have the toddler there at all?

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