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Re: The Hunger Games

Originally Posted by GinnyIsGenius View Post
Wow, it makes me so happy to read this. This is pretty much what I think too. I have never been fully trustful of Peeta for some reason. I think there's more to him than the persona he presents. Not meaning that he is evil or anything, of course, or that his feelings for Katniss are not real, but I do think he has been susing his charisma on the Games for more reasons than we are aware of... I've never seen him as straightforward, . He presents himself so well, so measured, like Katniss said "nothing throws him off". I've always thought there's more behind his unfaltering behavior. That's why I jokingly call him Saint Peeta.

And yes, not only the characters are overlook it, but maybe us readers are meant to do so. It's even hard to consider because he is such a good person (I don't believe that is going to change regardless). In Gale's words: "It'd be better if he were easier to hate." But yeah, I think Peeta may very well be deep-seated within the rebellion plans or that at least play a role in it, from the beginning (HG) even. And maybe that's why I think he is may not survive the end. (YES, I SAID IT!)
Peeta was playing a tactical game when he brought his feelings for Katniss into it, but I'm not sure if I can see him being involved in the rebellion prior to the Games, and really not as a major player in the rebel group. I might be proven totally wrong in a few days, but I just can't see why a teenager would already be very influential within the rebel group.

I think he's one of the good guys, but I agree that there's a lot going on beneath the madly-in-love image.

Katniss then says "Someone with clear and persuasive words ... words ... I think of words and I think of Peeta. How people embrace everything he says. He could move a crowd to action, I bet. If he chose to. He'd find the things to say, but I'm sure the idea has never crossed his mind."

Oh Katniss, I think it may just have.
She really should have known better there, as she knows how he played up the love angle in the Games, starting with his interview. I think his feelings for Katniss are genuine, but I also think he made use of them, playing to the crowd.

Again, I agree! That's my impression too.
To me, Gale is the straightforward of the two. Him being vocal about his feelings towards the Capitol (and everything else) only back it up. I got the feeling he is more transparent, for better or worse. I think Gale's involvement in the rebellion began at some point during the second-half of CF. I don't believe it could have happen before his whipping.
Yeah, Gale is very direct. I suppose his presence with the rebels at the end of CF suggests he got involved somehow in the rebellion. But, why would Haymitch (and whoever else in District 12 is involved) fill him in on the plans? Was there something particular he could do for them? Would it have been safe to bring someone else into the plans, without a very good reason?Especially as Gale could potentially be a bit of a loose cannon, imo, if he didn't think plans were progressing quickly enough, or if people he cared about were in danger in the short term.

Exactly. What set off the rebelling spark was not that Katniss got chose to be in the Games, but the moment when she held out the berries. That could've NEVER been orchestrated by any group, much less without Katniss being aware of the situation.
Yes, it was something even Katniss herself didn't think of until the last minute. The Gamemakers, or the rebels within the Gamemakers, couldn't have anticipated that she'd react in that way to the u-turn with the rules.

Someone has speculated that Effie's insistence (even compulsion) handling the schedule and keeping everyone on time was so a lot of clandestine meetings with could happen around the Districts. Though Effie would've to be a GREAT actress for that to be real.
Effie? I can't picture it. I think she's a bit like Cinna's style team, in that she doesn't comprehend what things are like in the Districts, and she's completely wrapped up in the Capitol lifestyle. (Although the Quarter Quell woke some of the Capitol citizens up to what the Games are actually like for everyone else.)


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