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Re: What would you change about the films?

I'd make the movies under 2 hours 20 longer, I'0d make each movie last between 2h 30 and 2h 40, in that time there would really be so much you could put in, especially, very especially in DH2 where many things are rushed.

I'd change not all but more or less 70-80% of non-canon things included in the films. Somethings I admit are done because the film is different from the book, and I have generally no probs with changing some sets, but for sure I'd change,add or take away things like:
-Harry snapping elder wand
-Cos and GoF ending: R-E-M-O-V-E
-No dursleys in many films, in particular HBP
-More quidditch
-More serious romance and less "raging hormones" even if I'd keep some because it made HBP very nice and enjoyable
-More voldemort background
-DH-Horcrux battle
-DD backstory
-More Sirius, Ron, Snape, McGonagoll, malfoy, Ginny and twins and very less non canon characters or lines
-Marauders backstory
-Add many, many CANON episodes in GoF: All the crouch story especially
-Longer snape worst memory and prince's tale
-No grawp since it really has nothing to do with the story, put pix instead such a great character which can make humor

the list could get little longer but I think this are the main things.

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