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Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Mad_Druid View Post
Thanks. I expect Merle to return, too. And I'm hoping for Morgan and Duane to do so as well.
Your welcome. If it sticks to the books we will see a return of those characters. I definitely expect to see them next season.

Originally Posted by snapegirl View Post
I enjoyed the season, but there's a part of me who wishes it was a bit closer to the books. I know it's not suppose to be just like the books, but I can't help comparing the two and everyone else I know who has read them does the same thing. There's some things in the books I would have liked to see play out on the show, but maybe they'll do them in season 2.
Awesome another book fan.

I feel the same way as you. As your spoiler points out I was a bit surprised when the story went in that direction. But I actually enjoyed it.

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