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Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Mad_Druid View Post
Spoiler: show
I wonder what Jenner whispered to Rick. There are so many possibilities.
I know, right!??!!? I wanna knowwwww! But I bet it won't be revealed until like mid 2nd season. A part of me thinks Jenner told Rick about Lori & Shane. Maybe Jenner heard or saw their convo in the rec room? But I also think it might be bigger than that.

Spoiler: show
I wasn't impressed with the finale. I enjoyed it but wasn't taken away with it. Doesn't every first season finale end with an explosion or fire? Even though I knew they weren't all gonna die in the explosion, the build up was great. I'm upset Jenner decided to stay behind. He was a scientist & someday, could've found a cure. Why did he just give up? I wanted someone to shout at him "is this what your wife would've wanted from you?!"

I loved the raw emotion between Dale & Andrea. That scene proved why I like this show. I also have a small appreciation for Shane. This whole time, I thought he betrayed Rick intentionally, but now I see that Shane does have the potential to be loyal & caring.

Spoiler: show
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