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Re: Telling Stories

Interesting! I actually just watched an old Dateline the other day in Psych class about lying and the psychologist they interviewed said the average adult lies 25 times a day, which is weird when you think about it but then again, how many times has someone asked "how are you doing?" and you replied "fine" when you really weren't?

They also showed that children as young as 4 lie to help themselves (about breaking the rules) but can not lie and say they enjoy something when they don't.

As for this relating to Harry Potter, I was always struck by how Harry seems to be more honest than other characters...When someone says something and he's expected to respond he always is like "uh...errrr...gotta go." He is a foil to Ginny who as you said, has been shown to be very good at lying.

It also reveals something about the characters about WHEN they lie. For instance, Hermione lies to save other peoples feelings, such as when she insults the Quibbler in front of Luna and then tries to say a few flattering things about it she clearly does not believe (Page 193, Order of the Phoenix, US edition). Also, I think Ron lies when he is trying to save his own image like when Ginny points out that he is less romantically experienced than others his age, he makes small attempts at denial (Half Blood Prince, page 288, US edition). I kind of see Ron as the 4 year old who can lie to save himself but not usually otherwise. Going by my theory, I guess this makes Ron and Hermione a foil (saving others feelings vs. saving own image) just like Harry and Ginny are (being a bad liar vs. being an accomplished one).

FABULOUS editorial!

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