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Re: Test Your Wits! The Riddle Thread V.13

Ok, so we had a riddle contest in English class a few weeks ago, and there was one that was up there that took me forever to figure out. I'm not sure how hard it really is, especially for you all, but I'll post it here anyway. I'm not sure if it's already been done in the past or not. The originall had nothing to do with HP, so I'm tweaking it a bit. Anyway, here goes:

Lucius Malfoy thinks Snape is a traitor, and kidnaps him, and decides to kill him, so he can't spill anything else to the Order. Before Malfoy kills Snape, he allows him to make one last statement. Lucius tells Snape "If I think what you say is true, I'll AK you. If I think what you say is false, I'll burn you at the stake." Snape says one sentence that makes Lucius so angry and confused, that he let's Snape go free. What did Snape say??

P.S.: Ok, I know you can't technically burn wizards, but just go with it. Also, I used these two characters because it worked.


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