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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

So far OotP and HBP. HBP moreso.
Order of the Phoenix had very dark moments and its cinematography was starker than even GoF. The mood was impending as well.

HBP: Might actually be darker to be honest. Why? Well, the cinematography was even darker in that one than the previous film. Yeah we do see more comedic scenes but that doesnt change the mood at all. The way the characters acted also implied how the mood was set. (if only they put in that one deleted would certainly have added to the darkness of the film.) This one may have had a lower rating (PG vs PG-13) but its really not the amount of violence or whatever but the tone. Katie Bell's scene does come to mind. Also Dumbledore in the cave. Lets not forget the dark tone of the memory scenes!


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