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Re: Which Film Is The Darkest?

I would definitely say OotP. It just has so much eeriness to it. Like the scene where the students were in detention, and they were all sitting there quietly, carving words into their hands while Umbridge just smiles. There is also something about the Occlumency (sorry if I'm spelling that wrong- too lazy to look it) that give me chills. When Harry has all those random flash backs and the sound effects, IDK, it just makes me feel unnerved for some reason. I guess I'm just weird like that P:

And there are definitely certain scenes that add to the darkness of it. The nightmare Harry has about Arthur, the mute sound (with an audio clip of Harry crying) while Remus is holding Harry back and Harry is screaming (but you can't hear the scream), Bellatrix laughing and saying, "I killed Sirius Black!", Harry writhing on the ground and having all those scenes being put into his head by Voldemort.

All this adds to the darkness and eeriness of it. Also the part when Umbridge is getting carried off by the Centaurs, and she says that Harry should tell them that she means no harm, and he says, "Sorry Professor, but I must not tell lies." At first I thought this was kinda humorous, but now when I see it, I think of the irony and how the lines "I must not tell lies" finally "sunk" in. Makes me shiver P:

Most of the eeriness is probably just something my mind made up though lol. I guess I'm over-analyzing.

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