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Originally Posted by crystal_joy
I think it would be an act of bravery if Petigrew betrayed James and Lily because he honestly believed in what Voldemort was doing... but he didn't, he was just a weak person that was trying to save his own skin.
But bravery does not have to be for good. For example, one could argue that suicide bombers are brave.

Originally Posted by mattbufford
First, we don't know that, at the time, Peter didn't agree with Voldemort. It's possible that Voldemort, like Hitler, had convinced ordinary, albeit vulnerable, people to follow him. Pettigrew might have actually believed he was doing something for a good cause. Also, I can't remember, but does it ACTUALLY ever say that Peter was a Gryffindor?
Actually we don't know. In an interview, JK was asked about James, Lupin and Sirius but the questioner duffed up and said Lupin twice instead of Pettigrew.

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