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Originally Posted by mattbufford
First, we don't know that, at the time, Peter didn't agree with Voldemort. It's possible that Voldemort, like Hitler, had convinced ordinary, albeit vulnerable, people to follow him. Pettigrew might have actually believed he was doing something for a good cause.
I don't think he thought he was really doing good, but since neither of us have any cannon to back up our opinion - it could go either way. And you're right, it would be brave, in a strange way, for Petigrew to go to Voldemort with information.

Also, I can't remember, but does it ACTUALLY ever say that Peter was a Gryffindor?
You're right, we don't know for sure if Petigrew was in Gryffindor - but what is the likelihood of a three Gryffindors being friends with a Slytherin - maybe he was in Hufflepuff

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