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Re: Will Draco join the "good" side? v2

I agree with foxywitch.
Everyone keeps using the term "evil." In reference to Malfoy and what we've seen so far of his character I think this is too strong of a word. Yes, he was petty and selfish at school, vicious even, but really that was just schoolboy bullying. He didn't murder anyone or do something equally evil, he was just being mean.
I don't think Draco has ever been truly evil. The main personality traits I see displayed in his character are arrogance and selfishness. He loves his mother and father, he couldn't kill Dumbledore - Draco isn't evil.

However, not being evil is far from being a really great person. I don't think Draco will ever fully commit to helping the Order if he leaves the DEs. There's too much bad blood there. I think he's scared and that his fear will be what drives his actions in the next book, which will lead him to flee and remain somewhere between good and bad.

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