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Re: Luna in Ravenclaw?

Originally Posted by Book_Worm_07 View Post
I think she is a very deep thinker but she just doesnt show it that much. Or shes not a great thinker in the way we normal ppl think.
A lot of the greatest thinkers in history don't seem to have thought "like other people think". Some examples of thinkers of this sort are Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Eddison, Albert Einstien, Jane Goodall.

I think part of why we are having this conversation is that we live in a society that equates intelligence with high test scores and academic success (i.e. Hermione Style intelligence) there is a ton of evidence for other models of high intelligence.

I also think that Luna is braver then many Gryffindors the same way Hermione is smarter then many Ravenclaws. However, Luna's bravery or Hermione's smarts are not their most important traits. What that means is you have two exceptional young women.

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