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Re: Wands, woods, cores and characters

2. Ron's first wand was made of Ash, his second of Willow. How does this change in wandwood correspond with the development of Ron's character throughout the series?
Well, I never really thought his first ash wand had any bearing upon his character since it wasn't the wand that "chose" him. The willow wand suited him much better, IMO, since it is said to choose those with a lot of insecurities and Ron's got quite a bunch of those.

Interestingly, the only other character who was known to have a willow wand was Lily. What could her insecurity have been? Maybe she thought that, as a Muggleborn, she wasn't good enough for the WW?

4. Harry won the hawthorn wand from Draco. The unicorn core tells us that wands with such a core are generally the most faithful and strongly attached to their first owner. Why did the wand change his alliance so easily?
That's true but the unicorn core is also described as the one least likely to be attracted to Dark Magic. Maybe the fact that Draco had "forced" Dark Magic out of his wand weakened its "loyalty" to him, thus allowing Harry to quickly gain its allegiance.

Originally Posted by Merrylore View Post
James Potter had a Mahogany wand, and we know it was purchased at Ollivander's.

Do you think this is an oversight and she wasn't thinking about him at all, or do you think she chose to "retire" the wood, out of respect for James' untimely demise?
That was the first and only flaw I reported about Pottermore. James is one of my favorite characters so I was really disappointed his wand wood description wasn't given. I don't think it has anything to do with respect for James since Lily's wand wood is given. This doesn't make much sense, but I keep getting the feeling that JKR likes to keep James as much of a mystery as possible. In the books, he remains much more of a mystery than Lily, and JKR also said in an interview something about how she knows more about James than she reveals in the books, and now his wand wood is missing from Pottermore. And it's not like mahogany is an obscure wood or anything so I don't see how she could have overlooked it. Meh, well, let's keep our fingers crossed that she'll decide to add it in some day.


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