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Re: Wands, woods, cores and characters

Originally Posted by LilyDreamsOn View Post
I was wondering about that. There are some woods on there I'd never even heard of but mahogany, a famous type of wood, wasn't listed? It doesn't strike me as an oversight because I can't imagine she'd just forget about mahogany. I'm thinking that, since it's an expensive type of wood, perhaps it's not very commonly used.

I doubt it had anything to do with James' death because Lily's wand wood is listed.
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This is an interesting point; maybe James's wand was personally crafted for him sort of as Luna's replacement wand in DH is personally crafted for her and that might explain the use of an uncommon or unlisted wand wood. James's family was very wealthy and as far as I recall from my blasting through Pottermore today it's never stated that Ollivander didn't take private commissions for wands, it's said that he began sort of standardizing wand cores, refusing to use substandard materials such as kneazle hair. It seems to remain a possibility that James's wand might have been commissioned by his parents, like an extra special gift to celebrate his going off to Hogwarts since he was an extra special treasure to his parents.

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