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Re: Wands, woods, cores and characters

Concerning the wands of the trio, aren't the woods used the ones that correspond with their birthday?
There is that celtic horoscope where some kind of tree belongs to your birthday/month of birth (and, as in "normal" star signs, can give information about your character)...and I think I read somewhere that JKR said she wanted to match the wand woods of the trio with their 'horoscope-tree'.

I had to think about Harry's first encounter with Draco -
Draco says his father is looking for books while his mother is looking for wands, and that he wants to get them to get him a broomstick after that (unfortunately I can't give you the quote, since I only have it in German (the chapter could be titled something like "in Diagon Alley" in English, if you want to look it up for yourself)).
That sounds as if Draco isn't really involved in getting his own wand - maybe Narcissa makes some kind of preliminary selection from which Draco is supposed to chose? But I could imagine that she actually buys the wand she thinks suits Draco best.

I really like Lucius' wand, btw, I think it's just the perfect fit - especially the wood description.

McGonagall's wand seems to be pretty short, according to your information o_
But I have problem's with the lengths either way, sometimes they just seem to make perfect sense, and then I have no idea why this specific wand e.g. is supposed to be that short.

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