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Re: Wands, woods, cores and characters

Originally Posted by NightWhisper7 View Post
[Draco's]wand is also unicorn hair which was a big surprise to me. Perhaps the unicorn hair core was one reason he had trouble following Voldemort's orders. "Reasonably springy" is an odd description for his level of flexibility, considering he seems to be so insistent on his anti-muggle ways.
I like the fact his wand is unicorn hair; perhaps this is supposed to show us that Draco isn't necessarily an evil, but rather a mislead person. I don't think he would really have been able to seriously harm or even kill anyone, probably the methods of the Death Eaters were just to extreme for him.
Considering the flexibility, although he seems to be quite stubborn when it comes to his views, I think he is a person who can at least pretend to change his opinions when it would be beneficial to do so.

So what if we're cunning?
So what if we're ambitious?
We've got something burning up inside;
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