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Re: The Next Dark Lord

Here's a thought I just had on this topic: I think that if there were to be someone who would rise in power as a Dark Lord than it might not be one person but instead a group of people. The Death Eaters were a group but they were lead by Voldemort. What if the group of people is like an oligarchy or something? Or you could think of it like the branches in the U.S government. There is the "separation of powers" as well as the "checks and balances".
"Separation of Powers" prevents one branch from having all the power. So for the Dark Lord Group, each person would have a certain amount of power but no one person would have all the power.
"Checks and balances" means that each branch checks the other so that no branch can have more power over the other branches nor can it have more power overall. Again, this method could also work in a Dark Lord Group allowing it to function as a group rather than a tyranny or something.

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