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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v

1. The trio all survives
2. But Ginny dies
3. Neville gets his revenge on Bellatrix
4. Mundungus somehow saves Ron [I think it may have been foreshadowed when he rescued Ron from the purple robes that tried to strangle him in OoTP, maybe a Lethifold is involved?]
5. During the 'final battle', Hermione will be injured and Ron will take care of her, leaving Harry to go find Voldemort alone
6. Molly will die, either trying to protect her family, or maybe she'll be trying to avenge her brothers and get in a duel with Antonin Dolohov and/or one of the other DEs that killed them?
7. Bill and Fleur will team up on Greyback, and Fleur will kill him [like how the Veelas turned nasty if you angered them, I think Fleur would be a ruthless fighter since it''s personal]
8. Snape is probably good
9. There will be a mass betrayal on one side, probably Voldies. I don't think some of the DEs will appreciate how he left them to rot in jail for so long...
10. RAB is Regulas Black
11. The Locket at Grimmauld Place is indeed a Horcrux, but Mundungus has sold it and Harry will need to take a trip to Azkaban to talk to old Dung.
12. Ron and Hermione are definitly going to get together.
13. Voldy dies
I might add more as I think of them, but that's all that I've got for now.

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