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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v2

1.Harry is not a Horcrux.

2.Snape, who is a vampire and therefore immortal, IS a Horcrux, and it really ticked him off that Voldermort did that to him—perhaps made him a vampire before he made him a Horcrux. Clue is--Naginig (not!) pointing to Blaise Zabini (not) and Sanguini--a vampire. Sanguini = Snape = immortal. (let me hear from you about this one!)

3.I agree that Snape and Lily had a friendship and he loved her for her kindness and spunk.

4.The HBP is NOT Snape. Too easy. It was his book, but it came from someone before—Eileen Prince or Tom Riddle.

5.One of the Horcruxes will be Tom Riddle’s Loving Cup Award to Service to Hogwarts.

6.Something is hiding in the Cave that Dumbledore fixed for Grawp, where he is so happy that he’ll unwittingly stand guard. Hagrid can get Harry to the Cave, even if the forest is too dangerous because of Aragog’s kin.

(Agree with previous post that Tom may have used Aragog to guard something in the forest.)

7.Neville will ROCK. I think his parents have struggled enough to regain some of their right selves—what is Mum writing in the gum wrappers?

8.Luna will also ROCK. She thinks the Aurors are corrupt. I think this is one theory she’s correct on.

9.Luna and Mr. Ollivander are connected. Luna’s Dad has been providing news to the loyal opposition to Voldemort and the corrupt Ministry for years.

10.I agree, Harry will lose the glasses and see better than ever. It may be keeping him from being a true Metamorphagus or harnessing his full power.

11.Dumbledore’s words regarding Hagrid, “I would trust Hagrid with my life” will make sense.

12.Percy has been holding on to the “Prefects who gained Power” book which has imperioused him or otherwise led him astray, OR is a Horcrux. Percy will die.

13.I fear that Dumbledore is gone, unless the man that died with the Avada Kedavra curse and the fall off the tower WASN’T Dumbledore.

14.Dumbledore was pleading for Severus to kill him, but perhaps he was also asking Snape to sever us—Dumbledore from the Horcrux in his hand or from the potion he drank in the font, which is a Horcrux.

15.Luna may be able to lead Harry to Ravenclaw’s Horcrux.

OK--I'll clean up the list and add more later.

Update 8/3/06

16. I agree with other post--Snape is "that awful boy" who told Lily and Petunia about Azkaban and the Dementors. Maybe Peturnia is a Squib, feeding her jealousy and causing her to remain in the Muggle world.

Update 9/18/06

17. Ron will be discovered to be a Seer, and he may play Quidditch for England as has been discussed.

18. Once Harry's eyesight/glasses/vision needs are sorted out a bit, he will display aptitude as a (born) Metamorphagus.

Update 9/20/06 (Insomnia!)

19. Percy's book Prefects who gained Power will have septology significance, and may be a Horcrux. If he lives up to his name, he will not appreciate the significance of this possession and not share it with Arthur. Someone will be grievously injured or will die because of this error. But then, will he be forgiven and returned to his place in the family? Will we bid him goodbye?

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