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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v2

Originally Posted by WelshGreen
2.Snape, who is a vampire and therefore immortal, IS a Horcrux, and it really ticked him off that Voldermort did that to him—perhaps made him a vampire before he made him a Horcrux. Clue is--Naginig (not!) pointing to Blaise Zabini (not) and Sanguini--a vampire. Sanguini = Snape = immortal. (let me hear from you about this one!)

7.Neville will ROCK. I think his parents have struggled enough to regain some of their right selves—what is Mum writing in the gum wrappers?
You have a lot of really interesting theories here. It will be interesting to see what happens in book 7, especially since JK Rowling said that she has some twists coming that no one will figure out (I bet she is wrong about that!) Anyway, she did shoot down the vampire theory and she said that there was nothing special about the gum wrappers.

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