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Re: ARE YOU A SEER? Post your list of theories, then check to see if you were right v

Originally Posted by Conidia
PS. Are either of these the ones?

Olivander and Voldemort's New Wand (something like that)
Wand Foreshadowing...Harry vs Voldemort (something like that).

Try searching "Voldemort's Wand" in the "Advanced Search" window, and select "Search Titles Only" or whatever that option is called.
Thank you very much for your help, Conidia, but no, those are not the threads I saw about a week ago. It was a discussion about how Voldemort (I refuse to call him "Lord"! - and the "Dark Lord is too reminiscent of Sauron for comfort) managed to carry his wand around after he lost his body. I know there's at least one thread about it and I wanted to participate but at the time I hadn't enrolled yet and couldn't. And now I can't find it. I don't want to start another one on the same subject and have the moderators zap it.

Sorry to take the discussion away from "Are you a Seer".

Getting back on track: I think Luna will play a big role also. Some people surmised that Ginny would join the trio and make it a quartet. That's a cool idea, but will Harry allow her to put herself in danger? He's breaking up with her to protect her, I'd be surprised if he let her come with them on their search for horcruxes and risk facing Voldemort and his cohorts.

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