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Re: What are your movie pet peeves?

I think the movies are great (but they're obviously not as good as the books)

I didn't like how they some scenes are completely different from the books- take Harry and Ginny's kissing scene.

Another thing that really got me (and not in a good way) was Snape's tale, and the pensieve all together. I also didn't like when Harry looked into Voldemort's mind either.

The muggle clothes at hogwarts. What's the point of having a school uniform if you don't where it?

To be honest I didn't really like Daniel Radcliffe. He was very good as a child, but in my eyes, he didn't really "grow with the character" like he should have. He was probably my least favorite casting in the movies.

Most of the castings were really good, though. Personally, there were some scenes in the movie that made me more understanding of the books: In deathly hallows part 2, Alan Rickman's speech and the shield were really quite impressive.

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