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Re: Snape's Happy Ending

So, new installment time! Enjoy! (Fingers crossed!)

Chapter 11

Anna took the opportunity while Snape was in the shower to tip-toe back to her own room. Brandon was asleep on her pillow and as she climbed into bed, he woke up and stretched. Anna picked him up and plonked him in her lap where he purred loudly as she stroked him. Severus seemed to be mortified by the whole situation so Anna resolved not to mention the incident until he did. She didn't want him to feel humliliated, and she felt sure he would if she made a fuss.
Ten minutes later Snape strode into the room bringing an arctic chill with him.
"How are you this morning," he asked without looking at her, while he measured out her potions.
"Very well," she said, cursing herself as she felt her face reddening.
"And you Severus, are you all right?" she asked unsteadily as he handed her the potions.
"Perfectly all right" he replied curtly, then his eyes met hers for the tiniest of moments. "Thank you" he said stiffly and strode out of the room. Anna struggled not to laugh; she didn't want to embarass him, but he really was quite ridiculous sometimes. She sincerely hoped his awkwardness would pass quickly, afterall he didn't know that she had been awake when he woke up. She was so glad she had pretended to be asleep; she couldn't imagine how he would be behaving if she hadn't. He came back into the room as stiffly as he had left it and Anna had to bite her lip to suppress a giggle. He conjured her breakfast and she pushed Brandon aside to take the tray.
"Thank you Severus" she said smiling up at him. He gave her a curt nod and left the room. Anna's heart sank; What more could she do? She hadn't mentioned what had happened in the night and she was trying really hard to be friendly, but he was being more distant than ever and it didn't seem funny anymore. Why was he behaving this way? She'd thought he trusted her, that they were even becoming friends, but now he was back to giving her not just the cold shoulder but the cold everything.
He came back into the room just as Brandon was sniffing at the sausages. He dropped the Daily Prophet onto the bed and picked up the cat by the scruff of the neck.
"Oh no you don't!" he said. Brandon gave an outraged yowl and swiped at Snape's face with his claws. Snape swore and holding Brandon at arms length strode out of the room.
"OI! - Leave him alone!"Anna leapt out of bed tipping the tray over, as she raced after him.
"What the hell d'you think you're doing?" she demanded
"From now on this cat leaves the room at mealtimes!" Snape said through gritted teeth, his voice barely more than a whisper.
"No he doesn't!" Anna took Brandon from him cuddling him in her arms "He stays with me!" and she stalked back to the bedroom. Snape strode into the room behind her, saw the upturned breakfast tray and gave an exasperated snort.
"You've knocked your breakfast on the floor!"
"Well you shouldn't have taken Brandon!"
"Look at what it did!" Snape hissed pointing to the three scarlet lines glistening on his cheek "It's vicious!" He glared at Brandon, who glared right back.
"Oh don't be such a baby!" she said and pointing her wand at his cheek muttered "Episkey"
"There" she said "Better now? - And anyway you're a fine one to talk about being vicious." Snape's eyes narrowed and he glared at her. Anna gulped, but stood her ground
"I'm not a little schoolgirl who can be intimidated by one of your hard stares anymore."
"Well that's about the only thing that has changed. You're still just as insufferably nosey, asking endless, pointless questions, looking at the world through rose tinted spectacles and dotting you i's with smiley faces."
His words slashed at Anna more fiercly than Brandon's claws had slashed his face. Tears flooded her eyes and spilled down her cheeks. Is this what he really thought of her? She had grown to respect him, even to like him in an odd sort of way - and she thought he liked her too. She wiped her tears from her cheeks.
"Oh why do you women always have to cry!" he snapped
"Because we're HURT! - everybody cries when they're hurt - even you!" she spat at him "but you seem to think it's something to be ashamed of - something to be hidden." his face paled slightly " Oh don't worry - I'm not going to blab your dark secret to anyone!"
From downstairs came the familiar sound of the trap door closing and Minerva's voice.
"What on earth is going on up there?" Snape turned and strode out of the room.
"Just an accident with the breakfast tray Minerva," Anna heard him say. Seconds later Professor McGonagall came into the bedroom to find Anna sitting on the bed wiping her eyes with the back of her hand.
"My goodness Anna - are you all right?" she asked sitting down next to her and putting an arm around her shoulders. Anna nodded as she took the tartan handkerchief Minerva offered her and blew her nose.
"Severus!" Minerva called as if summoning a particularly naughty third year. Anna heard his light tread come into the room.
"What on earth have you done to poor Anna?"
"I?" he said. Even though she wasn't looking at him Anna was sure his eyebrow had raised quizzically.
"I haven't done anything to - poor Anna" Minerva must have given him a very quelling look. Anna heard him sigh sulkily.
"We just had a disagreement about whether her cat should be allowed on the bed at meal times."
"It's all right Minerva," Anna said with a watery smile."Stuck here together for so long, we're bound to get on each others nerves." She could feel the weight of Snapes stare on her, but resisted the urge to look up at him.
"The least you could do is clear up this mess, Severus," Minerva said sharply. Out of the corner of her eyes Anna saw him jab his wand at the mess that had been her breakfast. Anna slid back into bed, Minerva arranging the pillows and smoothing the covers. Snape meanwhile had replaced Anna's breakfast tray and handed the fresh tray to Minerva who settled it on Anna's lap. Anna promptly gave one of the sausages to Brandon, throwing a defiant look at Snape. His jaw clenched and his eyes narrowed to slits.
"Ah! - while I remember Severus," Minerva said reaching into her pocket "I have a letter for you from Potter." she handed him a role of parchment, as Anna choked on her orange juice.
"A letter from Potter?" Anna asked " But..." she stopped for a moment her mouth open "You're the one helping him with his task" she said excitedly, all animosity forgotten. Snape gave her a rather superior look and curled his lip.
"Minerva I feel confident that Anna will soon be well enough to move to another location." Anna felt as if she had been slapped in the face - he could have said something to her first.
"Ah excellent news" Minerva said with a smile "I'm sure Anna will be glad to get out of here." she added with the briefest of glimpses at Severus.
"I can't wait," she said forcibly
"The plan is for you to go to Grimmauld Place." Minerva went on "It's empty at the moment apart from when we have meetings. It would probably be prudent to inform one or two members of the order of your true state of health."
"Oh that would be wonderful Minerva. I'm so sick of these four walls." Anna said relief flooding over her
"And you Severus - no doubt you will be relieved to return to your other duties." Snape gave a slight smile, but his face was inscrutable.
"Indeed Minerva, I shall be glad to be useful again." he said and swept from the room.

Yes I know it's short and it's been a long wait - but I am already working on the next couple of chapters! Feedback can be left here


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