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Re: ~Death or Chocolate~

The girls were in their element. They had applied dark pink eyeshadow to above Snape's eyelids, sparkly pink blush to his cheeks (in ample proportions), and a very ruby red lipstick to his lips (which was smeared all over the place, due to Snape's vain attempts to talk). It was then, at Wormtail's mention, that the girls realized that pink didn't really go with Snape's black robes.

One of the girls asked, "How do you turn his robes pink?"

"Allow me," said Wormtail, flicking his wand at Snape, who looked like a murderous beauty-school rejectee.

"Not helping, Wormtail."

"I know, I know; they're just so adorable," Wormtail sniveled, changing the shade of pink to hot.

"Let's do his hair!" one of the little girls cried as she ran into the nearest bathroom. She then came out with a bottle of Lovey's Locks' Hair Potion and began to pour it over Snape's head. She reached her hands to massage the soap in, but thought better of it, got protective gloves, and returned.

"Wormtail, do something now or risk my wrath." Pink bubbles were streaming down his face, getting in his mouth and choking him so he could barely talk.

"I'm sorry, Severus, but they've got a wand!"

"You idiot! YOU have a wand!" Snape spat.

"But there are FIVE of them!"

"I am NOT having this conversation with you. Just think of what I will do once I am free."

Wormtail thought for a moment. There sat the man who had bullied him relentlessly for the last few months...the man who had made him servant, who had used him as a lab rat (in the literal sense) for his experimental potions, who had made him give scalp massages! Yes, here sat that man, helpless. Wormtail decided to live in the now...surely the Dark Lord would pardon him.

"I'm sorry, Severus. Scourgify! Evapora!" The bubbles disappeared and what was left was a bunch of black sausage curls. "I think something's missing." Wormtail conjured a large, fluffy purple boa and handed it to the excited children. "That's better."

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