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Re: HP Book 7 Fanfic


Harry had tried again and again to get Ginny to talk to him. But she continued to ignore him or pretend he was part of the wall whenever he came to visit. He had just come back from the Burrow when he heard some interesting news from Hermione.

"Harry! Harry, come here! Look at this!" Hermione was shouting from the kitchen. Mrs. Black's shouts joined hers.

"Pieces of filth, disgusting, Mudbloods, treating this place like their home! she yelled. Harry turned and cast the silencing charm on the portrait. She gave him a furious look, but the curtains closed.

Harry rushed down the stairs to find Hermione holding a letter at the table. "I got a letter from McGonagall, Harry! Read it." Harry took it from her.

Miss Granger,

Thank you for the letter. I didn't see you last year at school, however, so I was upset. Now I see the truth. You would never abandon Harry in his quest to kill You-Know-Who.

I understand that you need to search the Slytherin common room. Voldemort business? I could arrange it. How's this weekend at 4:00 PM? Students are in class for several hours, and I'll warn the Slytherins not to go in the common room. Just check in with me before you go in.

If you wish to share any of the information on where you are, what you are doing, and what's going on, I'd definetely be delighted to hear it. We also have extra rooms, so you may stay the night. I would like to be updated on the current situation in which you happen to find yourselves in.


Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

P.S. - My favorite class is Transfiguration.

Harry looked up at Hermione when he finished reading the letter. "How did she send the letter when you don't want to be traced?"

Hermione smiled mischeviously. "McGonagall and I have our ways."

Harry didn't question her any further.

Harry told Ron and Emma about the letter to McGonagall since Hermione refused to speak to them. So far, Harry had refrained from questioning Ron about Hermione because he was having the same problems with Ginny. Ron had brought up the subject before they left.

"We'll get through this rough time, mate. They'll understand," he had said. Harry wasn't so sure.

They Apparated to Platform Nine 3/4 with their luggage to catch the train to Hogesmeade. It was a quiet ride. No one looked each other in the eye. Harry stared out the window, watching the one place he could call home come closer and closer. Finally, they reached the Hogesmeade station. They walked a short distance to the school.

It was exactly as Harry remembered it. He was home again. The Febuary air blew cold in their faces. Harry shivered and beckoned them inside. Emma was staring at everything in wonder and delight. When Harry had asked her, she had told him she had been home schooled. She had never been to a school before.

Harry whispered to them, "Pull your hoods up or questions will be asked." They obeyed.

The group of four walked through the maze of hall and towards the gargoyle statue that guarded the Headmistress' office.

"Transfiguration," Hermione whispered to the gargoyle. It moved aside and the Harry, Ron, and Hermione jumped onto the moving stairs. Emma just watched in fascination.

"Hurry, Emma, or it'll go up without you!" Ron said, giving her his hand. She took it and jumped onto the stairs.

"Thanks," she said breathlessly. Emma gave him a small smile. It faltered under Hermione's evil gaze. Hermione turned and refused to speak until they reached the McGonagall's office.

"Come in, come in," McGonagall said. They walked in the room.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione... good to see you!" she said, greeting them. Her sight fell on Emma. "And who is this charming young lady?"

"My name is Emma Dame," she told McGonagall.

"Nice to meet you, Emma," McGonagall said. "Please, sit." They sat down in front of her desk.

The office looked the same except for minor differences. For one, the strange objects were gone. Second, Fawkes was gone. But the room still held an mysterious air that made Harry feel like exploring it. But these were small matters. They had bigger issues.

"So why are you here?" McGonagall said, getting straight to the point. Hermione glanced at Harry.

"We can't tell you the whole story, Professor. But, long story short, an object of Voldemort's is in there that we must destroy," Hermione explained.

"That's in then?" McGonagall said, "There's nothing more you can tell me?" They all shook their heads. McGonagall sighed.

"You can still stay in the rooms since you already brought your luggage," she grumbled, "And you may get food from the kitchen as well. It'd cause too much havoc to go into the Great Hall. You don't need directions to the kitchens, do you?"

"No," Harry said, exchanging a smile with Ron, "we'll manage."

"You may leave then," McGonagall said. The four teens left the room. It was going to be a long day.




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