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Re: How will Snape prove his loyalty?

Posted by zgirnius
We have Trelawney's story that Snape overheard the prophecy at the Hog's Head. Are you discounting it? I mean, he could have not actually heard anything, but he was there. To then have accidentally heard part of the prophecy because he happened to be around when Dumbledore told Lily about it seems a big coincidence.
zgirnius, I was thinking Lily never heard the prophecy herself. The Order communicates by patronus and from OoP I got the idea this was nearly instanteous (speed of light and all that) and we know apparation is very fast. So my thought was Dumbledore is at Hogshead with Trelawney, Trelawney starts in on the prophecy, Dumbledore realizes immediately it relates to Voldemort and wants Snape there so he sends a patronus to Lily with 'send Snape to Hogshead room blah', she forwards it and Snape apparates. Dumbledore sends a patronus to Aberforth 'catch Snape at the door spying and toss him out'.

But I believe there are serious flaws with the Snape/Trelawney/Dumbledore timing, but those exist no matter how Snape happened to be at Hogshead at the right time. But being friends with Lily could give Snape an excuse for being there 'Oh master, the gullible red haired Potter woman let slip that Dumbledore is interviewing, I went to eavesdrop in case any useful information came out of it' kind of thing. I guess I should point out that I don't think Voldemort would buy that a 22 year old Snape would get information from Dumbledore so if Snape tried to claim that was his source Voldemort would immediately be suspicious. But I believe Voldemort would by that a 'weak little woman' (Lily) might unintentionally expose some useful secrets.
Posted by zgirnius
I think I'll still go with Snape having been a 'real' death eater at some point.
I'll just have to work harder

Last minute thought. What if Lily's patronus came when Snape was in Voldemort's presence? Snape would have to come right back and couldn't risk lying to Voldemort so gives him the prophecy. Perhaps Dumbledore had originally only wanted the option open. Nah. A bit convoluted (can you believe I said that?)

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