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Re: How will Snape prove his loyalty?

Originally Posted by HPSpec

Ashwinder, thanks for responding! I labor so long over my posts you posted before I saw it so I'll have to append and hope that you notice.
I noticed

This is fabulous, I never thought (nor have I seen anyone else think) about the fact that Lupin can have empathy for Snape because they have both been outcasts and spies. With that information I can really buy into the idea that Lupin will help Harry understand Snape. Unfortunately, I think Snape is too nasty to go the other direction. Wasn't he the reason Lupin lost the DADA job? (I'm not into the curse, I think that is just rumor. And of course a convenient excuse to change out professors).
Lupin is a nice guy. The silent type, but still the own who tends to see both sides of a story. And if I recall correctly, he was the one who said that the regrets tha fact for not stopping Sirius and James for playing their pranks.
Snape is nasty sometimes (forgive me, I have a lot of sympathy for the guy...) and can act very childish every now and then. Snape accidently mentioning Lupins hairy little problem at the breakfast table is so like him. However, he needs to be triggered. If Snape is acting at his best, there is usually a very close event that made him act the way he did. With the Marauders Map for example, he was insulted and we get to see a lovely childish reaction. With the mentioning of the hairy problem, he just heard that he had lost the Order of Merlin (second class if I recall correctly).
So is he nasty? Yes, but usually with a (good, if I may add) reason.

The public story known by everyone (including Voldemort and the Death Eaters) is that Snape was a DE devotee but switch sides just before Voldemort was banished (Lily is given as the reason but I don't know if that is common knowledge), then Snape returned to Voldemort in GoF - after GoF each side thinking he works for them. So in public opinion Snape was a DE, then a spy for Dumbledore just prior to the Potters deaths, then in GoF for the first time he became a double agent. My theory is that Snape, from the very beginning, entered into Voldemort's service as a Dumbledore spy. He has never been a true Voldemort servant. This is what is secret, Dumbledore couldn't even use this defense in the Magic Court because Dumbledore didn't believe Voldemort was gone and wanted to preserve Snape as a future Voldemort spy. If Voldemort heard that Snape joined the DEs as a spy for Dumbledore it wouldn't matter what Snape's loyalties were now (even with the apparent murder of Dumbledore by Snape), Snape would be under a DE death sentence in an instant. I'm rather certain Voldemort would kill Snape himself because Snape entering the DEs as a mole would mean that Voldemort had been duped. Not something our Dark Lord would tolerate.
Sorry, still not completely convinced about the Death Eater secrecy-theory
I just can't see why it would add something. Snape had been working for Dumbledore 16 years, and according to his words at Spinner's End he applied for the job by Voldemort's request.
Dumbledore, knowing that he is/was a Death Eater, hired him under certain conditions. To my opinion it was that very moment, the job interview, where Snape proved his loyalties to Dumbledore. Perhaps he asked Snape to take the interview under the influence of Veritaserum (that would make more sense than an UV). He could even have asked Snape to continue his position at Voldemort's side and settle for the position of a double-spy. If this is the case, the memory would be a dangerous one for both Snape and Dumbledore. That is where the Pensieve and a bottle of silvery fluid would come in handy, stored somewhere secret, only for certain people to find when in time of need (and I think that time is now).

Ok, I get the secrecy point now If Dumbledore had revealed the true reason for his trust in Severus Snape, it would have ruined everything.

However, I still think Snape had not always been a spy for Dumbledore. I do believe he has been a faithful Death Eater on Voldemort's side. And I do believe Lily was the cause of his emotional shut-down.
Lily could have loved Snape for a while, and Snape could have loved her back. The interfering of James Potter however, parted them and he felt the interference as a betrayal. Consequence: a lonely and embittered Snape, locking up his emotions in a safe dark place and hence became a master in the arts of Occlumency, and on top of it he became a faithful Death Eater.

Can you still follow me? It's a bot of a mess in my head right now...

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