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Re: How will Snape prove his loyalty?

Tane, in regards to your Snape/Harry similiarity quote - I have just changed my 'interesting canon' to 'that's absolutely fabulous! I love it!'
This series is about the growth of Harry, I don't think he has finished growing up because he cannot see beyond Snape's hatred to the man within. Harry is still reacting to Snape rather than being a complete master of himself like Dumbledore. Dumbledore didn't care what others thought of him, he looked beyond their personal feelings to their usefulness in achieving his goals. It is very possible that Snape doesn't like Dumbledore and Dumbledore doesn't particularly like Snape, but they trust and respect one other and are working for the same goal, the downfall of Voldemort. The book canon you identified is strong support for the idea that Harry needs to see Snape for what he is, not what Harry has decided he is because Snape doesn't like Harry and isn't afraid to show it.

Ashwinder, glad you noticed!

Posted by Ashwinder:
If Snape is acting at his best, there is usually a very close event that made him act the way he did.
Good catch, so Snape's a hypocrite too. He talks about Harry's failure to master his emotions but Snape is not even working on it himself at particular moments! Yes, good old Snape is tightly bottled but bursts occasionally.

Posted by Ashwinder:
I do believe he has been a faithful Death Eater on Voldemort's side. And I do believe Lily was the cause of his emotional shut-down.
Now I hope I slipped in ahead of you since I give my response to that statement above. Agreement with my ideas would be nice, but attempts to poke holes in it are even better. It forces me to improve it!

The only other thing I will add is, do you really want Snape to be so weak (and impetuous) that he makes decisions based on the failure of a girl to respond to him? I view Snape as one of the most powerful figures in the book. He does not yet have Dumbledore's control and he will never have his goodness - but I think Snape is a powerful wizard that carefully calculates every move (except for those few minutes of unmastered emotion - but it takes a lot longer than a few minutes to become a Death Eater!) To be honest I don't see Snape as prone to romantic love, I think in that sense he is like Voldemort. He views that love makes one weak. If he did love Lily (romantically or platonically) he never admitted it to himself.

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