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Re: HP Movie "Chapter-a-Day" DVD Discussion V2

This final chapter is, like the whole film, a mixed bag. It's so obvious that DDs speech is spliced together from different takes, his voice starts soft, then gets all loud and gruff, then ends all rich and soft, Newell really needed to decide whether he wanted Albudo Bagmandore or Albus Dumbledore to be giving this eulogy. Krum gives a great sad look as DD is speaking, far better than Harry and Hermione whose reactions seem forced.

The scene in the dormitory is good, starts with an odd snippet from DDs past, the bed curtains was a great line, as was his apology, but the dialogue does not feel like a real conversation, it feels like a heavily condensed version a much longer scene (which it is, see my above post), and this is where the movie should have ended. DD should tell Harry he's not alone, then we pan out the window and see the carriage and ship. The scene in the courtyard was horrible. Truly terrible, a simpering, badly acted clunker of an end scene, worthy of Columbus.

And one final thing that irks me. Wear your glasses Dumbledore! Silly Newell for starting this thing with DD not wearing glasses!

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