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Re: Biweekly Book Thread #6

Originally Posted by leah49 View Post

7. What genre of books do you read mostly?
Christian fiction, but I'll read anything
Leah, do you have any good christian books to recommend? I've never read that before.
MC, my recommendations include and I'm mainly listing authors: The O'Malley series by Dee Henderson & it's prequel, Danger in the Shadows. Karen Kingsbury, I've read all of hers though my faves are Oceans Apart & When Joy Came to Stay. Robin Jones Gunn - Glenbrooke books. Lori Wick I love all of hers. Emerald WIndows by Terri Blackstock. Eyes of Elisha by BRandilynn Collins. Thr3e by Ted Decker. This list can go on and on. Owl me if you need more. Leah may have some different recomendations.


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