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Re: Gilderoy Lockhart: Character Analysis

1. Why did Lockhart apply for the DADA job in the first place?
I think he might have been pressured into it a little bit - I mean, he's supposed to be this really amazing guy who's great at Defence and getting out of tight spots all the time so I reckon at one point someone would have asked why he didn't teach DADA. And of course he would go along with the façade just so he could keep his reputation and, as others have said, he liked being in the spotlight and probably didn't take the curse too seriously or wanted to show that he could beat it.

2. Will Lockhart ever recover?
I don't know, maybe. If he was going to then it would take years and he might be an old man by the time he gets his full memory back because they didn't seem to have got that far in OotP.

3. Is Lockhart going to make an appearance in DH?
No, he didn't. But it might have made quite a little amusing scene if he had managed to escape from St. Mungos and found his way to the Battle. Although, if that had happened he probably would have died, and we had enough deaths as it was.

4. Basically all of the other teachers treated Lockhart with disdain because they knew that he was a fraud. Being incompetent and narcissistic as he was, Lockhart was a threat to the students. Why did Dumbledore employ Lockhart?
I don't know whether they knew he was a fraud to begin with, but I'm sure after nearly a year of teaching with him, hearing about his lessons from the students, talking to him privately and Harry's 'incident' after the Quidditch match it probably wasn't hard to figure out that he hadn't done all the things he said he had. I'm sure Dumbledore was willing to give him a chance and he most likely was the only applicant so Dumbledore had no choice.

5. Why was Hermione so blinded by Lockhart's appearance? After all, he did very little to fortify his reputation.
Hermione was 12/13 and Lockheart was described as good looking - I don't think it's hard to do the maths Plus, he was claiming to have done all of these amazing and brave things which I'm sure attracts a lot of young girls.


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