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Re: Gilderoy Lockhart: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Has JK Rowling ever said anything about which house Lockhart was in? I actually think he might've been a Gryffindor - he certainly embodies the worst qualities of that house. Foolhardy, overconfident with a pathological need for attention. There was no way a Slytherin!Lockhart would've let those Cornish pixies out of that cage unless he was 100% certain he could handle them himself.

Failing that, he could've been a Ravenclaw. It's possible he started out studious and 'went bad'.
I've long thought of Lockhart as a Gryffindor. I imagine that the four "bad news" DADA teachers Harry had were from the four different Houses, based on what they seemed to value. (Quirrell-Ravenclaw; Lockhart -Gryffindor; Crouch Jr -Hufflepuff; Umbridge-Slytherin). Lockhart wasn't particularly brave, but perhaps he had more courage as a child? Or perhaps he valued courage more than the other House traits? He certainly wanted to be seen as brave, rather than be associated with any of the other House traits. On the other hand, perhaps it took a certain type of courage to track down the powerful witches and wizards who had actually done these deeds, and put memory charms on them.

Originally Posted by CrimsonZephyr View Post
Yet we have Ravenclaws like Roger Davies, who is only ever portrayed as a foppish pretty boy. Really, not all Ravenclaws are bookworms. Look at Zacharias Smith. The guy doesn't have a loyal bone in his body. Lockhart could have been the Pettigrew of Ravenclaw.
That was Harry and co.'s perception of Davies, he could have been intelligent , there are more kinds of intelligence than just booksmarts. Plus, Seamus (I think) considered Cedric "only a pretty boy", but he was deemed the Hogwarts student most worthy to participate in the Triwizard Tournament.

Intelligence isn't what Lockhart values, or even tries to impersonate. He pretends to be a hero, not an intellectual. That would suggest that he was a Gryffindor, not a Ravenclaw, if he attended Hogwarts.


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