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Re: Gilderoy Lockhart: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by FurryDice View Post
I've long thought of Lockhart as a Gryffindor. I imagine that the four "bad news" DADA teachers Harry had were from the four different Houses, based on what they seemed to value. (Quirrell-Ravenclaw; Lockhart -Gryffindor; Crouch Jr -Hufflepuff; Umbridge-Slytherin). Lockhart wasn't particularly brave, but perhaps he had more courage as a child? Or perhaps he valued courage more than the other House traits? He certainly wanted to be seen as brave, rather than be associated with any of the other House traits. On the other hand, perhaps it took a certain type of courage to track down the powerful witches and wizards who had actually done these deeds, and put memory charms on them.
It's funny you call Umbridge a Slytherin, because I've never pictured her as a Slyth at all. I know she allies herself with them but I've always thought she was a Ravenclaw gone bad (as was Augustus Rookwood in my mind) rather than a Slyth.

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