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Re: Sticking genders on books

1. What are your views on putting a specific gender on a book?
I dislike it, but I have to admit that I catch myself saying the same things. I try not to label the books according to gender because nobody fits in one specific box. Plus putting a girl-label on a book will probably automatically discourage a boy to read it - which is exactly the opposite of what people try to achieve by putting labels on books.

2. Do you prefer to read only books assigned to your gender? Why/why not?
Depends on my mood. In general, I'd say I'm more into 'boy books' than into 'girl books', but I read just about anything within YA and middlegrade so I just pick whatever sounds good from the synopsis.

3. If you could see all your favourite books magically appear on a bookshelf in your home, would they be more "girls"' books or "boys" books, or a mix?
A mix, though recently bought books fit more into the "boys" category.

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