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Re: Sticking genders on books

1. What are your views on putting a specific gender on a book?
I don't like the idea of labeling books with specific genders. I know it's likely done more from a sales/marketing perspective than trying to divide books into male and female reads, but I reject the idea that certain books only appeal to one gender.

2. Do you prefer to read only books assigned to your gender? Why/why not?
No, I read what I like. What I like is sci-fi / fantasy / urban fantasy, and also non-fictional works about various scientific topics. These are probably classified as "male" books, but I don't care.

3. If you could see all your favourite books magically appear on a bookshelf in your home, would they be more "girls"' books or "boys" books, or a mix?
As I said above, probably all "boys" books. I definitely don't have any romances or books about princesses. I like lots of action and usually can't care less about who is in love with whom in stories.


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