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Re: Remus John Lupin: Character Analysis

1. Your general thoughts on Lupin as a character? How has he grown, changed and matured throughout the books? What are his strengths and weaknesses? What do we know about his relationships to Sirius Black/Fenrir Greyback/Alastor Moody/James Potter/Lily Evans/Peter Pettigrew/Severus Snape/Harry Potter?

Lupin was such a brilliant character who was placed the perfect distance from Harry throughout the story since he appeared in PoA. He was close, far, clsoe far, etc. Lupin could have been a very nice father figure for Harry after all others had died out...But Harry grew apart from the needy feelings of being without a family. And he saw that though Lupin was admirable and strong, he was also running out on important things. When Harry told him off in DH I hope/think he received great applause. Lupin was trying to be strong and offer his help but Harry saw straight through this and Lupin was reduced to running out!

2. Lupin is conflicted between his love for Dora and Teddy and the desire to protect them from association with him - does he make the right decision in going back to them? Did he make the right decision marrying her?

Lupin's ultimate weaknesses show greatly through his great shame in what he is. He desires his son and wife to push him away... He is greater than the werewolf he was forced to become. I am glad he returned to Dora and Teddy but I think it was done with a lot of regret on his part... He is too fearful. Not enough love in him! His decision in marrying her was right, and shows he can seperate his inner self from his werewolf self. Ashamed though he is of being a werewolf, he was proud enough of his love for Dora to marry her. That is awesome.

3. Why didn’t Lupin try to contact Harry before PoA?

The thought that Lupin even existed until PoA didn't occur to me until now, and now I feel rather stupid. Ha! Lupin didn't contact Harry because who knows if Harry would have had any reason to believe a single thing Lupin told him...! Or maybe Lupin was doing something that made him irrelevant and way far apart from the plot! Who knows! Tough question!

4. What was Lupin’s role in the first war? Did Dumbledore use his special connexions to the werewolves already?

Lupin was probably a spy, like all of the Order. Doing things here and there for information etc etc. I am stumped! I don't think the werewolves were used already because then Fenrir Greyback would have already (most likely) been a huge threat to the good side. No doubt Voldemort would have already used him. Oooh tricky tricky.

5. Did Lupin make the right decision in going to fight at Hogwarts - should he have stayed out of the battle for Teddy's sake?

Lupin's weakness comes out here (again!) He wants to fight to ultimately save his family, but he could have easily saved them by not fighting. For Teddy's sake he should have stayed out of the fight... but Lupin had already expressed that he wished his Wife+Son to let him go...Fighting at Hogwarts was his way of feeling like he wasn't a burden to them. I think Lupin was fighting an internal battle and was losing. Stay with family? Stay ashamed of what I am? etc etc etc. He was constantly back and forth! His death makes me feel like he could be at peace with himself more decisions left to make. And Tonks died with him and for him...more peaceful yet! But poor Teddy....

Oh I hope I haven't missed spelling errors!

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