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Re: Molly Weasley: Character Analysis

1) We saw a couple of new facets to Molly's personality in Deathly Hallows. Has your opinion of her changed?

Not at all. I love her, she is an amazing character. Full of love for her children and others.

2) Molly had that unforgettable line where she confronted Bellatrix. We saw that she was a very skilled fighter. Have we seen flashes of this passion in her before?

I think so, I mean she can handle Fred and George right? She obvioulsy has great passion for her children. Her reaction after the World Cup and after Percy left. I think she would do anything when it comes to her children (or their close friends).

3) Does Molly put Ginny before her other children?

I think that she may be a bit extra protective of her as she is the youngest and the only girl. I would htink that Molly would try to aviod that, but I can see why she would.

4)Can you picture Molly as a doting Granmother to Ron and Hermionie's children and Harry and Ginny's?



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