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Re: Molly Weasley: Character Analysis

Wow this is my first time posting so we'll see how it goes!!

Molly has always been one of my favorite characters in the book because of the roll that she has played in the raising of Harry and the care that she shows him and the rest of her children. She also has dealed with the pain of death when she was younger with the death of her two brothers and she carries it over with the fear of losing her children+harry (her boggart)

1. no it hasn't changed what i thought of her at all. In fact it has done nothing but make me like her more! Rock on MOLLY!

2. Yes but not very much. You mainly see it when she gets mad (mostly at Fred and George lol) All of a sudden she gets really mean looking and her eyes start to flash. And all those memorable tirades. Howler anyone? I actually almost felt sorry for Bella!! (hey i said ALMOST)

3. Before? Not really. I just think that Molly was really trying to protect her youngest and only girl, who really shouldn't have been fighting at all (but more power to her!). Yeah like someone else said, she had already lost one child and she didn't want to lose another one, not on Mollywatch!! haha

4. Heck ya! You can really tell that she will by the treatment that she gives her own children. Especially Harry. Who loves the parts of the books where she just fusses over him when she sees him in the begining of the books!!!??

Yeah I totally agree Loony_Tinne, When she gave him Fabian's watch!! LOVED IT! so sad! It really said a lot about what she feels about Harry, giving him something that once belonged to a dead brother! I think that ment more to him than if she gave him a new watch! It just makes me think that she always intented to give it to him, since she never gave it to any of her other sons. BTW What ever happened to Gideon's watch? Did he have one? Which of the Weasley boys have it? Goodness bit off topic and not really important, but can't help feeling curious! Yes Yes I know curiosity killed the Kneazle. But still!
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