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Re: Narcissa Malfoy: Character Analysis

1. Is she a Death Eater?
I don't believe Narcissa ever was a Death Eater, though I do think she supported the Death Eaters and their ideals. She didn't have to be a Death Eater to help or support them.

2. Did Narcissa know of Lucius's intent to use Voldemort's diary to re-open the CoS? Was she part of the plan or did she try to stop him?
I doubt it. That seemed like something Lucius was trying to do for his own benefit. He was trying to get Arthur Weasley discredited by having his daughter be the one to open the CoS. I don't think she knew about it at all, but there's probably no way to know for sure.

3. How does she feel now that her husband has been captured, exposed, and imprisoned as a Death Eater?
Afraid for the rest of her family, no doubt. I'm sure she's not too happy at what happened to her husband and she's likely worried that she and her son may also suffer some punishments.

4. Why allow her son, who is not of age, to become a Death Eater? Was she proud at first? Was she fearful, once his task was set for him?
I'm not sure she had a choice in allowing him to become a Death Eater - if he didn't, Voldemort was threatening their family. Judging from the way she reacted in HBP, if things had been different she would have done everything possible to keep Draco from joining the Death Eaters. She may have supported their ideals, but wasn't willing to go as far as Voldemort was. I'm sure she was extremely fearful once Draco's task was set, which is why she goes to Snape for help.

5. We know that she has contact with Bellatrix, Draco even took lessons from Bella over the summer, but what relationship, if any, does she have with Andromeda & Tonks?
Probably none. She likely didn't want to associate with them, like most of her family, since Tonks was a muggle and Andromeda was a "blood traitor".

6. How did Narcissa feel about Sirius Black? Did she know he wasn't a Death Eater? Did she know he was innocently sentenced to Azkaban? How did she react to his death at the hands of her sister?
She likely disliked him greatly, though probably not as much as Bellatrix hated her cousin. She may have known he was wrongly accused of being a Death Eater, I"m not really sure. I'm sure she was delighted that her sister killed him though.

7. Will 'Cissy' be punished for seeking help from Severus? Will we see her in the final book? What role will she play?
We now know exactly what role she played. Personally I was very happy with her role - she helped Harry a great deal during a crucial time. Even more, she demonstrated the power of love once again and how it always works to Voldemort's detriment.


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