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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by SusanBones111 View Post
I always pictured Rodolphus as one of those underdog type husbands. Bellatrix is a very strong woman. I would think that he would be afraid to disagree with her. She may have married him because she was encouraged to do so. Or she may just have thought she loved him. He was with her when they tortured the Longbottoms into insanity. But her interest in Voldemort seems to go beyond what a married woman should have for a man who is not her husband.

I think there are some differences between the Bellatrix form of evil and the Voldemort form of evil. Bellatrix knows she is hurting people. She is very sadistic, in my opinion. Dumbledore said that Bellatrix likes to play with her food before eating it, which is a gruesome picture to me. She likes to hurt people. Voldemort seems to kill people because they are in his way. He seems callous and uncaring about the people he kills. The difference is in the enjoyment over the killing, which Bellatrix seems to show to a greater extent than Voldemort does, in my opinion.

Yes I agree here. Bellatrix loves to hurt people. She enjoys it, she relishes every second of it.

But I do have a question about her. I agree that she would have married a pureblood and she was probably encouraged to marry at all, but the purpose of marriage for a pureblood to me, is to create pureblood children. To keep them from dying out. I dont think she would have created a child because she deeply wanted one, but because she too didnt want the bloodline to die out. So where is her child? I would love the idea of her daughter or son to be the next villian in HP world.


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